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Agricultural Communication and Extension (430a)

The 'Hohenheimer of consultation apprenticeship' works with a special definition which understands consultation as a spiritual help for solving of acute problems. This basic understanding differs relatively clearly from other consultation philosophy. The research main focuses and projects by the home concentrate upon application questions, environmental-acceptable land use as well as knowledge systems and behavior of information. The prevailing number of the research projects abroad have as a common main focus either the application of partizipativer methods or their test, advancement and application possibilities.

Parent institution:

University of Hohenheim (UH) Details of UH


Agricultural Communication and Extension (430a)
Schloß, Museumsflügel
D-70599 Stuttgart


Phone: +49 (0)711/459-2646
Fax: (+49) 0711/459-2652

email: i430a(@)


  • Research

Focus of Research:

  • Application questions
  • Ecological land use
  • Knowledge systems and information behavior

Coordinated projects

Involved in research projects: