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Models for the financing of consumer protection work in Germany


'The following facts are scientifically to work:

First There are alternative - independent as possible of annual government grants - funding models for consumers to show work in Germany. To investigate the nation-wide consumer organization Consumer Federation Association (vzbv) and Foundation and the Consumer Goods Test centers in the country. Here are the issues as well as the potential of various consumer organizations differentiate and integrate into the consideration. The development of alternative funding models should be made on the basis of literature studies and involvement of interested parties through consultations.

Second The question of the parties to be included, such as offering economic or other associations, is to be discussed as well as various forms of financing (trusts, funds, investments, allocations, use of fines, etc.).

Third There are any necessary action to an accompanying transformation of the function-oriented consumers work to show.

4th There are the financial models of other EU Member States - if they have similar structures in the consumer work (private law authored Consumer Protection) - included in the investigation. In particular, the British model of 'consumer watchdogs' and the system of collection and distribution of fines/penalties will of the Italian competition law is considered.

5th The proposals for alternative funding models for their feasibility to

. Rate In addition, hints are given to the possible organizational implementation. '

Executive Institute:

Institute of Agricultural Policy and Agricultural Markets (420) Details of Institute of Agricultural Policy and Agricultural Markets (420)

Parent institution:

University of Hohenheim (UH) Details of (UH) (Baden-Württemberg)

Contract period:

07. 10. 2007 - 07. 10. 2009

Project budget:

106,569 €

Funding Programme:


  • Agricultural Policy
  • Market Analysis
  • Business administration
  • Agroeconomics

Purpose of research:

Applied research

Funding Institutions:

Project Management Agency: