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Institute for Microtechnology Mainz GmbH - Dept. Energy and Catalysis (IMM)

Microstructured heat exchanger, research on catalysts and their application to micro-makers and especially the production of hydrogen from organic fuels are the focus of the IMM in energy technology and catalysis. In addition to the development and construction of individual components, this includes complete reformer to supply fuel cells. With the help of new catalyst technology is generated from renewable and fossil fuels for electricity in hydrogen fuel cells. Through the micro systems can be more compact in the power range from 100 W to 20 kW. Applications are in the domestic energy supply, electricity generation (load-cars) and in the leisure sector. Together with partners from industry and universities miniaturized analysis systems are being developed to secure the future of the local evidence of infection by pathogens such as Bacteria, viruses or fungi in a short time


Institute for Microtechnology Mainz GmbH - Dept. Energy and Catalysis (IMM)
Carl-Zeiss-Str. 18-20
55129 Mainz


Phone: 06131 990-323
Fax: 06131 990-205

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