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Wirtschaftsverbund PflanzenInnovation e.V. (WPI)


Mandate: national
Subjects: Plant Breeding

The research program GABI (Genome Analysis of the Plant Biological System) is organized as a public private partnership and supported by the federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and private companies that are organized in the WPI. 30 companies that have their business activities in the field of plant breeding, plant protection, manufacturing industry and biotechnology are involved with the WPG. They support technology transfer in GABI, to convey results from research into innovative products. A total of 11 plant genomes are studied within GABI, e.g. barley, rapeseed, sugar beet, potato, rye, tomato, pine, oak, grapevine, maize and the model plant arabidopsis. Since 1998, 52 national joint projects and 17 international joint projects in collaboration with France, Spain and Canada have been supported. 23 of these joint projects were organized as public private partnerships with the involvement of WPI-member companies.

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