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Checking the possibilities to identify the origin of shrubs by chloroplast DNA


Production processes

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Production processes

Project code: 03HS055
Contract period: 01.01.2004 - 14.05.2005
Budget: 49,353 Euro
Purpose of research: Applied research

Indigenous trees and shrubs have adapted to the regional environmental conditions during many generations. Thereby they developed local or regional well-adapted populations. These typical local populations could be changed or displaced by planting large numbers of shrubs of an indigenous botanical species, but a far distant geographic origin. It is recommended to use trees and shrubs of a regional origin for planting in the landscape. A method at a scientific basis is desired which allows distinguishing reproductive material of regional from non-regional origins. The investigation of chloroplast DNA seems to be promising, because chloroplasts are maternal inherited and distributed by seeds only. The expenses and the results, especially the spatial resolution, should be checked for one representative shrubs species.

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