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BackProg: Nitrogen fertilizer reduction in winter wheat by improved prognosis of baking quality - subproject 1


Project code: 2815409210
Contract period: 01.10.2011 - 31.01.2015
Budget: 144,114 Euro
Purpose of research: Experimental development

The main aims of the project are the reduction of nitrogen (N) utilization in baking wheat cultivation as well as the improvement of N balance in quality wheat production in terms of the sustainability strategy of the Federal Government. By the use of an improved prognosis of baking quality all involved steps within the value chain are enabled to trade, pay and be paid according to baking quality and not exclusively according to protein content. Therefore, the medium-term aim of the project is the development of rapid tests for improved prediction of baking quality of wheat. Plant breeders benefit from increased acceptance of recent varieties and are stimulated to proceed in continuation of these breeding programs. Wheat producers are fairly paid for good wheat qualities in spite of reduced N fertilization. Partner 3 benefits by economical exploitation of customized software, training courses as well as the necessary calibration transfer to existing NIR equipment. The utilization of different NIR equipment as well as the involvement of partner 3 generally enables all Producers of NIR equipment to exploit and use the calibrations developed during the project time. In a joint research project different wheat qualities are produced and subsequently (i) baking quality of the samples determined using standard procedures, (ii) NIR-spectra collected by different NIR devices, and (iii) selected samples characterized by Lab-on-Chip-Gel capillary electrophoresis and pyrolysis field-ionization mass spectrometry. All information is used for developing a multivariate spectroscopically based classification model for the rapid estimation of baking quality in wheat by NIR.

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