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On the evaluation of carcinogenic risks due to the exposure against dioxin-like and non-dioxin-like compounds


Food and consumer protection

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Food and consumer protection

Project code: BfR-CHS-08-1329-035
Contract period: 01.06.2001 - 31.12.2008
Purpose of research: Basic research

Polyhalogenated dibenzo-p-dioxins or -furans as well as polyhalogenated biphenyls are cancerogenic when applied in animal experiments at higher doses. These compounds are widely distributed in the environment and in food in low concentrations. However they are always present as mixtures. It is planned to perform a tumor-promotion-experiment with mice, in which the effects are investigated when these compounds are applied separately and in combination. The results of the study should allow a better assessment of the exposure-related cancer-risks for humans.

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