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SFB/TRR 32 Project C1 : Spatio-temporal variability of catchment properties and their effect on water, solute, and CO2 fluxes from the micro to the mesoscale


Environment and ressource management

This project contributes to the research aim ' Environment and ressource management'. Which funding institutions are active for this aim? What are the sub-aims? Take a look:
Environment and ressource management

Project code: keine Angaben
Contract period: 01.01.2007 - 01.01.2010
Purpose of research: Basic research

We develop methods for a scale dependent treatment of patterns in properties and boundary conditions when simulating water, CO2 and solute transport of micro- to mesoscale catchments. Geostatistical methods are used to parameterize patterns derived from measurements. Rules will be derived for the scale dependent characterisation of patterns using a 3d simulation model. The statistical analysis of different nonlinear series data will also be based on the HHT (Hilbert-Huang-Transform). It will be analysed how the optimum model structure depends on landscape structures and spatio-temporal variability of properties.

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Hydrology Research Group

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