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Finished Projects on the subject "Food Chemistry"

Analysis of oxysterols in heat-treated food of animal origin

Project code: keine Angabe
Excutive institution: Institut für Agrar- und Ernährungswissenschaften
Contract period: 2011 - 2011


Analysis of pesticide residue data of food samples from organic and conventional agriculture

Project code: 02OE677
Excutive institution: KWALIS quality research Fulda GmbH
Contract period: 2004 - 2005


Analysis of the effects of developmental toxins from consumer products on microRNA (miRNA) expression during differentiation of embryonic stem cells. Identification of novel molecular endpoints and studies on the role of miRNAs in developmental toxicity

Project code: BfR-TOX-08-1322-458
Excutive institution: BfR - Department 9: Experimental Toxicology and ZEBET
Contract period: 2010 - 2010


Analysis of Wine by spectroscopical and statistical methods for authentication

Project code: BfR-SiN-08-1322-681
Excutive institution: BfR - Department 8: Safety in the Food Chain
Contract period: 2017 - 2017


Animal study to investigate the bioavailability and metabolism of 3-MCPD esters

Project code: 2808HS013
Excutive institution: Fraunhofer Institute of Toxicology and experiment ...
Contract period: 2009 - 2011


Argininderivatisation and lactose reduction in milk and milk products

Project code: DFG 5426492
Excutive institution: Chair for Food Techology
Contract period: 2004 - 2007


Aroma substances in hops-containing beverages: optimization of formulation and manufacturing process to prevent quality-reducing substances in hops aroma-containing beverages

Project code: AiF 16010 N
Excutive institution: Institute of Brewing- und Beverage Technology
Contract period: 2009 - 2011


Aroma-value index as a criterion for assessing the impact of rearomatization and non-volatile flavor substances on the quality of apple juices from concentrate

Project code: AiF 17010 N
Excutive institution: German Research Institute for Food Chemistry
Contract period: 2011 - 2013


Athermal process for Lebensmittelentkeimung: Ionizing radiation of selected foods to control pathogenic microorganisms

Project code: MRI-LBV-02-13
Excutive institution: MRI - Department of Food and Bio Process Engineering
Contract period: 2001 - 2007


Authentication of maize as food and feed material

Project code: BfR-SiN-08-1322-644
Excutive institution: BfR - Department 8: Safety in the Food Chain
Contract period: 2015 - 2017


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