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Health Protection Agency (Institution)

The Health Protection Agency's role is to provide an integrated approach to protecting UK public health through the provision of support and advice to the NHS, local authorities, emergency services, other Arms Length Bodies, the Department of Health and the Devolved Administrations. The Agency was established as a special health authority (SpHA) in 2003.

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Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust (Institution)

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust is made up of two of London’s most well known teaching hospitals. The hospitals have a long history, dating back almost 900 years, and have been at the forefront of medical innovation and progress since they were founded. Both hospitals have built on these traditions and continue to have a reputation for excellence and innovation.

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Medical Toxicology Unit (Institution)

The Medical Toxicology Unit (MTU) was initially established as Guy’s Poisons Unit in 1963 to provide a poisons information service, and in 1967 moved to its own premises in South East London and opened a laboratory. The MTU is now part of the Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and provides a wide range of clinical toxicology services. We are dedicated to the provision of medical toxicology...

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BfR - Division 7: Chemicals and Product Safety (Institution)

The Chemicals and Product Safety Department assesses chemical substances that fall under the European chemical law (REACH Regulation (EC) 1907/2006). The objective is to ensure toxicological assessment, health risk assessment for consumers and the identification and initiation of necessary risk mitigation measures in accordance with the REACH Regulation. Assessments are also carried out with the...

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Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (Institution)

The ATB's task is to create process-engineering bases for sustainable land-use management and to provide innovative technical solutions for industry. By combining scientific and engineering findings, especially in the field of new technologies such as biotechnology and information technology, with economic and social science expertise, ATB aims to ensure that the newly developedATB main building...

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ATB Department 1 Bioengineering (Institution)

n modern agriculture, the use of products formed by microbial metabolism via bioengineering processes has become indispensable. However, neither the processes in which microorganisms are applied have been optimised, nor have innovative fields of application yet been fully exploited. Therefore the research approach of the Department of Bioengineering aims to develop new biotechnological methods...

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ATB department 2 Technology-Assessment and Substance Cycles (Institution)

Agriculture operates at the seam between biology and engeneering. The impacts of management are mainly evident in the medium to long term and are consequently of far-reaching importance. The Technology Assessment and Substance Cycles Department with its assessment projects backing up developments provides impulses for the concept and design of competitive farming methods which conserve natural...