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Independent Research Fund Denmark (Funding programme)

The fund constantly works to ensure the best conditions for free curiosity-driven research in Denmark. Among other things this is done through the research advisory services which the Fund provides to the Minister for Higher Education and Science, the Danish Parliament and the Danish Government.On a regular basis, the fund is furthermore in dialogue with significant stakeholders with a view to...

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BalticSea2020 (Funding programme)

BalticSea2020 aims to improve the environmental condition in the Baltic Sea. By year 2020 the foundation’s assets will be spent and BalticSea2020’s work should have contributed to increase the quality of life for approximately 90 million people living around the ocean. With his donation, Mr Björn Carlson - the founder of BalticSea2020, wants to create an energetic player that is independent of...

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European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (Funding programme)

The EMFF is the fund for the EU's maritime and fisheries policies for 2014-2020. The fund    helps fishermen in the transition to sustainable fishing    supports coastal communities in diversifying their economies    finances projects that create new jobs and improve quality of life along European coasts    makes it easier for applicants to access financing.

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QS science funds (Funding programme)

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