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Relevancy : 31 %

UV-C-Treatment of liquid food (Project)

... products. Food Chem, 138(2-3), 1682-1688. doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2012.11.105 Müller, A., Briviba, K., Gräf,... Food Conference 2013, Hannover. Mendes de Souza, P., Briviba, K., Muller, A., Fernandez, A., & Stahl,... 58(7), 42-44. de Souza, P. M., Müller, A., Fernández, A., & Stahl, M. (2014). Microbiological efficacy...

Funding period : 2001 - 2020

Relevancy : 64 %

Bioactivity and mechanisms (antigenotoxic, antioxidative, modulation of signal transduction and barrier function) of food and food constituents (Project)

... and Nutrition 41, 1-2, 172-179. Briviba K, Stracke BA, Rüfer CE, Watzl B, Weibel FP, Bub A. (2007) Effect... Science Publishers, Enfield (NH), pp 386-394. Esselen M, Winkler S, Baechler S, Barth SW, Briviba K, Watzl... Science & Emerging Technologies, 20, 238-243. 1. Briviba, K., Gräf, V., Walz, E., Guamis, B., Butz, P....

Funding period : 2001 - 2028

Relevancy : 9 %

Hydrological effects of forest conversion of pure pine stands in broadleaf forests and mixed pine-broadleaf forests (Project)

... monoliths, can be determined with an accuracy of 0,1 mm. Another field of application of weighable lysimeters...

Funding period : 2001 - 2020

Relevancy : 26 %

Co-ordination and further development of the forest monitoring system (Project)

... 'Laender' standardized protocols for (1) plot selection, (2) instrumentation parameter selection, and (3)...

Funding period : 2001 - 2020

Relevancy : 19 %

Greenhouse gas inventory for forests (Project)

... such as CH4 or N20, for example, from forest fires and changes in the water balance of bog forest....

Funding period : 2001 - 2016

Relevancy : 21 %

Toxic impact of contaminants assessed with the zebrafish embryo model system (Project)

... eggs in the 4 to 8 cell stage were selected for the test and placed in 24-well dishes. In each well 5 eggs were exposed in 1 mL test solution containing DMSO and water. 60 eggs were used for each sample...

Funding period : 2001 - 2020

Relevancy : 65 %

Nutrition and the microbial population of the digestive tract: (a) probiotic bacteria in nutrition and stabilisation of the gastro-intestinal tract; (b) modulation of metabolism by lactic acid bacteria; (c) functionality of probiotic strains (Project)

...Objectives are: 1) investigations of the role and contribution of probiotic lactic acid bacteria to the stabilisation of the intestinal tract by using of in-vitro and in-vivo model systems. 2) exploring... of cytokines etc.). - Njeru, P.N., Rösch, N., Ghadimi, D., Geis, A., Bockelmann, W., de Vrese, M., Schrezenmeir...

Funding period : 2001 - 2017

Relevancy : 47 %

Biodiversity and functionality of microorganisms involved in food fermentation (Project)

... fermented milk in Kenya. International Journal of Food Microbiology 94, 269-278 (2004).- Yousif, N.M.K... safety, quality and security of traditional small-scale fermenations. - Olasupo, N.A., Schillinger, U.,... 141-152 (1999). - Tamang, J.P., Dewan, S., Thapa, S., Olasupo, N.A., Schillinger, U., Wijaya, A....

Funding period : 2001 - 2021

Relevancy : 21 %

Detection and evaluation of phage-mediated horizontal gene transfer in starter cultures (Project)

...Establishing of transduction systems for improving starter cultures. Detection of intact and defective prophages in starter cultures; Detection of transductional transfer of recombinant plasmids; Elucidation of the packaging mechanism ofor plasmid DNA. - Ammann, A., Neve, H., Geis, A, Heller, K.J. 2008....

Funding period : 2001 - 2017

Relevancy : 16 %

Reprogramming of somatic cells and redifferentiation of embryonic cells (Project)

... in refereed journals, f.ex. Kirchhof et al. (2000), Biology of Reproduction 63, 1708-1715; Wrenzycki et al....

Funding period : 2001 - 2015