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SFB 552: A4 - Sozioökonomische Analyse von Landnutzungssystemen auf Haushalts- und Dorfebene


Ländlicher Raum

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Ländlicher Raum

Förderkennzeichen: DFG SFB 552
Laufzeit: 01.01.2007 - 01.01.2010
Forschungszweck: Grundlagenforschung

Project A4 investigates trade-offs and synergies between economic growth, poverty reduction, and environmental objectives. Its research findings show that 20.6% of the households in the research area live on less than 1 US$ PPP capita-1 day-1. Poorer households have less access to credit markets and live in locations with poorer market and road infrastructure, where lower prices and higher price variability for cocoa are observed. The income activities of the poorest households are highly dependent on natural resources, i.e. use of forest products and conversion of forest land for agriculture, whereas the better-off households are particularly involved in activities outside the agricultural sector. During the third phase, we complete our analysis of the critical triangle by a dynamic and spatially explicit component. Based on expenditure surveys from 2005 and 2007, we will also analyse food demand and vulnerability to various natural risk factors, mainly ENSO drought.

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