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Research into the sensitivity of fragmentation metrics


Umwelt- und Ressourcenschutz

Dieses Projekt leistet einen Beitrag zum Forschungsziel 'Umwelt- und Ressourcenschutz'. Welche Förderer sind dazu aktiv? Welche Teilziele gibt es dazu? Schauen Sie nach:
Umwelt- und Ressourcenschutz

Förderkennzeichen: 68134415
Laufzeit: 01.01.2008 - 31.12.2010
Forschungszweck: Grundlagenforschung

Overall objective of this study is to research into the sensitivity of fragmentation metrics to the factors described above and to contribute to a more focused and more differentiated interpretation of fragmentation metrics. While this study takes forest and forest fragmentation as an example, it is a general methodological study and the results can immediately be applied to the fragmentation status of any other land use or land cover class. Beside this object, the potential of TerraSAR-X products for forest fragmentation assessments in the subtropics and tropics will be analysed. Therefore a fragmentation analysis of three study sites in Costa Rica will be carried out on the basis of optical and radar imagery.

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