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Eastern Regional Research Center (USDA)

The mission of the Eastern Regional Research Center (ERRC) is to develop fundamental knowledge and technology beneficial to the producers of agricultural commodities, handlers and processors of food and industrial products, Federal action and regulatory agencies and the consumer. The six Research Units of ERRC conduct fundamental, applied and developmental research on a broad spectrum of agricultural commodities including meat, poultry, cheese, milk, hides, leather, wool, fats, oils, grains, fruits, vegetables and juices to develop new, high value food and industrial products and cost efficient processing technologies; ensure microbial and chemical safety of foods; enhance the nutrient quality of foods; decrease the cost of fuel-ethanol and biodiesel from agricultural feed stocks; utilize by-products, particularly potential pollutants; open new and expand existing domestic and foreign markets; and transfer technology. The new knowledge and technology derived from this research will ensure an abundance of high value agricultural products at reasonable prices to meet the increasing needs of all Americans and continue to improve their quality of life.

Parent institution:

USDA Agricultural Research Service Details of USDA Agricultural Research Service


Eastern Regional Research Center (USDA)
600 East Mermaid Lane
PA 19038 Wyndmoor

United States

Phone: (215) 233-6703

email: Peggy.Tomasula(@)


  • Research

Focus of Research:

  • Bioenergy & Energy Alternatives
  • Food Safety, (animal and plant products)
  • Global Change
  • Plant Biological and Molecular Processes
  • Quality and Utilization of Agricultural Products
  • Soil Resource Management

Involved in research projects: