BMBF - FONA - Research for Climate Protection and Protection against Climate Impacts (KLIMZUG)


Climate protection is one of the major challenges facing our society on the road to sustainable development. Avoidance or reduction of climate-relevant greenhouse gas emissions is therefore an important goal of national (national climate protection programme) and international (Kyoto Protocol) commitments.

However, political and technical approaches to finding solutions are not available for all sectors and countries in the short term. In addition, because of the inertia of the climate system, one cannot expect that the global warming trend will reverse in the coming decades. This makes it necessary to tackle and thus deal with the impacts of climate change.

Eligibility criteria:

The support measure is primarily aimed at industry and regions in close cooperation with research and science and at the requirements of companies and organizations in industry and society. It complements the notice “Innovations as the key to sustainability in industry” by adding climate protection as a specific sustainability goal.

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Contract period:

2011 - 2016



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Personnel, Consumables, Conferences, Travel, Other,

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Project Management Agency in the German Aerospace Center (PT-DLR) Details of PT-DLR

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BMBF - FONA - Research Framework Programme for Sustainability Details of BMBF - FONA - Research Framework Programme for Sustainability