BMBF - Sustainable Land Management, module B (LAMA)


To meet the challenges of regional and global changes, innovative concepts and strategies of land management and the necessary knowledge base, technologies, instruments and system solutions are required. The purpose of this funding programme should therefore be to initiate research that contributes to sustainable land management in accordance with the objectives of sustainable development strategy and climate change goals of the federal government of Germany. The promotion program includes the modules 'interactions between land management, climate change and ecosystem services' (Module A) and 'Innovative system solutions for sustainable land management' (Module B).
Module B primarily has a German focus but takes into account the international applicability or exportability of results. Overarching thematic priorities are defined for that purpose.

Eligibility criteria:

Applicants should familiarize themselves - in their own interest - in the context of the proposed transaction with the 7th Make EU Research Framework familiar. They should check whether the planned project includes specific European components which make such an exclusive or additional EU support is possible. The results of the tests will be briefly described in the grant application. Preference is given to encourage collaborative projects. Be demonstrated before a funding decision must be a basic agreement on certain criteria stipulated by the BMBF. Details to the BMBF leaflet - Form 0110 ( will be removed. Partners in a collaborative project must govern your cooperation for the start of the project in a cooperation agreement. In Module B is the inclusion of the industrial sector, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are strongly encouraged.

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