BMBF - Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)


Myriad projects and institutions worldwide do research aimed at understanding the causes of the threat to biological diversity and developing optimal strategies for its conservation. Scientific data related to biodiversity have been collected and accumulated for over 250 years, as is exemplified by the more than three billion specimens in natural history collections worldwide. For many research areas in biology, medicine and the environmental sciences, these collections serve as indispensable 'databanks of life' and constitute an important reservoir of genetic resources. However, this information has traditionally been scattered, difficult to access, and thus not readily available to researchers.

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2001 -

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Project Management Agency in the German Aerospace Center (PT-DLR) Details of PT-DLR

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BMBF - FONA - Research Framework Programme for Sustainability Details of BMBF - FONA - Research Framework Programme for Sustainability