BMBF - Research on Biodiversity in the atlantic rainforest of Brazil (Mata Atlântica)


Brazil's Atlantic rainforest (Mata Atlântica region) spans more than 5000 nearly continuous kilometers along the Atlantic coast from the Rio Grande do Sul in the south to Ceará in the north, and encompasses various altitudinal classes and ecosystems. High population density and extensive coastal land use have resulted in large scale destruction of this rainforest. Of the formerly more than one million square kilometers of coherent natural areas characterized by extreme biological diversity, only pockets of forest remain, amounting to a total of only about 50,000 square kilometers.

Eligibility criteria:

Higher education institutions and non-university research establishments may apply.

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2000 -

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Investments, Personnel, Consumables, Conferences, Travel, Other, Subcontracting,

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Project Management Agency in the German Aerospace Center (PT-DLR) Details of PT-DLR

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BMBF - FONA - Research Framework Programme for Sustainability Details of BMBF - FONA - Research Framework Programme for Sustainability