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Viticulture Institute of the State Baden-Württemberg (WBI)

The Institute has the task to support wine production through scientific research and practical applyed researchand to promote and improve its production processes.


Viticulture Institute of the State Baden-Württemberg (WBI)
Merzhauser Str. 119
79100 Freiburg


Phone: 0761/ 40165-0
Fax: 0761/ 40165-70

email: poststelle(@)


  • Research

Focus of Research:

  • Biology of grape vines
  • Habitat research
  • Soil science, nutrition of vines and covercrop management
  • Treatment wine, wine composition, analysis, including wine fermentation care and residue issues
  • Vine breading and grafting
  • Vine cultivation with wine technology
  • Vine pests and diseases including appropriate defensive measures (Vine protection service) and implementation of official agent control

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