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Determination of causes of bovine neonatal Pancytopenie


.. 'The aim is to elucidate the etiology and pathogenesis of these calves disease since our previous findings indicate that this new calf disease an immune pathological events is based, focus research efforts on these issues serve this purpose include serum transfer -. And hyper-immunization studies . methods: Clinical, hematology, coagulation, bone marrow cytology,

immunhist. Afterword insulated and paired. Antibodies. Isolation and coupling of immunoglobulins. Conjugate for antibodies to non-lymphoid cells. and myeloid. Origin of calves. Allo-antibody further references. on zytotox. Effects to non-platelet and leukocyte calves (flow cytometry, Zytotox. tests, tests on apoptosis and necrosis). Different antibodies to non-NZ-calf u.geg lines. cell. Molecules def. Lymphoid cell populations. and myeloid. Orig. (West. blot radioimmune precip.), Antigen identification. (2D-Elektroph., mass spectroscopy., Sequencing). Comparative proteomic analysis of different BVDV vaccines, and identifying antigens contained therein. '

Executive Institute:

Clinic for ruminants and pigs Details of Clinic for ruminants and pigs

Parent institution:

Justus Liebig University of Giessen (JLU) Details of (JLU) (Hesse)

Contract period:

01. 09. 2010 - 30. 09. 2012

Project budget:

247,100 €

Funding Programme:


  • Animal health

Purpose of research:

Basic research

Funding Institutions:

Project Management Agency: