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Determination of causes of bovine neonatal Pancytopenie


'The interdisciplinary research project, the causes of hemorrhagic diathesis are elucidated in calves. For this work, a calf model developed with the triggers the hemorrhagic diathesis and pathogenesis can be studied using molecular methods. The different reaction norms are characterized in this model and using the molecular analyzes are explained. the validation of the findings made ​​in an extensive field material as well as genomic and transcriptomic analysis of the entire bovine genome.

Obtained in this model for IBR and BVD naive calves within 4-6 hours postpartum, a mixed colostrum from a large number of cows that are proven 'bleeders calves' had. Collection of Kolostren - Selection of calves after genotypes and Pedigeedaten - sampling before colostrum intake - administration of mixed colostrum - ongoing intensive clinical and laboratory / microbiological surveillance and biopsy - pathology - genetic testing - validation of molecular genetic genome-wide analysis (GWA for calves, mothers and colostrum spender, genome and transcriptome sequencing). The model offers significant advantages over a field of study because of the reaction norms of control calves and unmixed with farm-specific effects are represented and over 770,000 SNPs and whole-genome sequencing, the responsible components can be identified. '

Executive Institute:

Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics Details of Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics

Parent institution:

University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (TiHo) Details of (TiHo) (Lower Saxony)

Contract period:

01. 09. 2010 - 30. 09. 2012

Project budget:

90,249 €

Funding Programme:


  • Animal health

Purpose of research:

Basic research

Funding Institutions:

Project Management Agency: