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Determination of causes of bovine neonatal Pancytopenie


'The proposed project would include a comprehensive analysis of the causes of bovine neonatal pancytopenia (BNP; formerly hemorrhagic diathesis). Made on the basis of the results acquired decision-making should, both in terms of possible measures to combat the disease (focus on loss prevention in cattle production) and be derived, in relation to the continued use of diseased animals or their mothers (hazard by diseased animals focus).

According to the preliminary working hypothesis derived from the project partners are pursuing different approaches to Free University Berlin. In a herd with high incidence to determine BNP in newborn calves, clinical and subclinical symptoms and are closely monitored for several weeks. By immunological and molecular biological methods should be clarified whether it is the BNP a immunvermittlete disease and what proteins / receptors or mediators are involved. Rounding out the project through a case-control study and an epidemiological analysis of the affected calves and their parents. Objective analysis of the risks for BNP and the development of effective preventive measures (screening) is. '

Executive Institute:

Department of Veterinary Medicine, Department of cloven-hoofed animals Details of Department of Veterinary Medicine, Department of cloven-hoofed animals

Parent institution:

Free University of Berlin Details of Free University of Berlin (Berlin)

Contract period:

01. 09. 2010 - 30. 09. 2012

Project budget:

86,330 €

Funding Programme:


  • Animal health

Purpose of research:

Basic research

Funding Institutions:

Project Management Agency: