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F.X.S. Sauerburger tractors and equipment Ltd. (F.X.S.)

F.X.S. Sauerburger Traktoren und Gerätebau GmbH, led by its managing directors F.X. Sauerburger sen. and F.X. Sauerburger jun. has been a family-owned company for more than 40 years.

The company today exports its products - machines for farming, viniculture, pomiculture, urban and forestry use on a worldwide level.

Manufacturing includes different departments where

- flail und sickle mulchers together with wood choppers and field choppers with a working width varying from 0,90 m up to 9,50 m,

- circular self-cleaning harrows, rotary cutters and Ploughs for use in viniculture, pomiculture and agriculture

- as well as Narrow-Track Tractors for specific cultures and urban use are manufactured.

We also specialize in multi-purpose Yard-Loaders

The innovative fence mower Iltis is a demonstration of ingenious design from Sauerburger

The high quality standards are achieved by means of state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and the knowledge of our competent partners have been working with us for many years. The in-house construction together with an informed decision-making process, helps with the quick implementation of new construction designs and product maintenance.

The company by means of its latest manufacturing technology using laser cutters and CNC-controlled tooling machines every day highlights the fact that competitive manufacturing in todays economic climate in Germany is a reality.

Together with our customers we want to keep on sticking to our slogan



F.X.S. Sauerburger tractors and equipment Ltd. (F.X.S.)
Im Bürgerstock 3
79241 Wasenweiler


Phone: 0049 (0)7668 90320
Fax: 0049 (0)7668 7802

email: ruh-ambs(@)


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