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Foundation Ecology & Agriculture (SÖL)

For more than 40 years the Foundation Ecology & Agriculture (SÖL) has contributed to the promotion and progress of Organic Agriculture. Founded in 1962 by Karl Werner Kieffer and Dagi Kieffer, SÖL is a non-profit, independent institution that promotes and encourages research.

Good soil, clean water and fresh air are the foundations of our life. In particular rural organic agriculture substantially contributes to maintaining this base. SÖL aims to promote this form of agricultural management and support the farmers in their everyday work, thus providing a way of life as good as possible for future generations.


Foundation Ecology & Agriculture (SÖL)
Weinstraße Süd 51
D-67089 Bad Dürkheim


Phone: +49/(0)6322/98970-0
Fax: +49/(0)6322/98970-1

email: info(@)


  • Research

Focus of Research:

  • Organic Grafted Vines
  • Reduced Tillage


  • Alliance for ecological practical research

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