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Expansion of soybean cultivation in Germany through breeding adaptation and agronomic optimization

By breeding of suitable species it shall be ensured that the high demand for high-quality soy can be met better from local production. Apart from growing trials with existing varieties and breeding lines, crossings and theire inspection are carried out in the project. Hereby the researchers shall investigate how an efficient breeding strategy for soybeans can be designed in terms of their different uses. Focus of the project is breeding precocious, day-neutral, more profitable and high-quality genotypes associated with lower heat sum requirements, high weed surpression or tolerance, improved biological N2 fixation and good ripening behaviour. In addition, innovative agronomic measures are investigated, aiming at the earliness and the possible extension of the growing season.

In addition, the project aims to contribute to agricultural biodiversity, by using, for the breeding material, which is not used in the modern variety development. So shall the genetic impoverishment to be countered.

Contract period:

2011 - 2013

Coordinating Institution:

Research Institute of Organic Agriculture Germany (FiBL) Details of FiBL

Work package leader:


Breeding material and selection strategies

Trial cultivation and selection

Optimization of crop farming

Laboratory tofu facility

Soybean processing

Knowledge transfer and public relations