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BMBF - High-Tech Strategy


Initiator: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Funding programmes: BMBF - SME innovative: Information and communication technologies, BMWi - Secure mobile information technology in SMEs and public administration, BMBF - Materials Innovations for Industry and Society

Cooperation between science and industry leads to valuable strategic partnerships and innovation alliances. That is why we are promoting cooperation and pooling our strengths. Numerous successful collaborations have already been established, for example to improve energy and car efficiency. The goal is to significantly accelerate and streamline the transition from product development to a marketable product. Focusing on lead markets Health, climate and resource efficiency, mobility and security - these are the key challenges that our society is currently facing. That is why these topics are the most important among the High-Tech Strategy's 17 fields of innovation. Existing strengths in these areas are being promoted and intensified with the aim of developing modern, forward-looking lead markets and securing international competitive advantages. Improving framework conditions Small and medium-sized companies are the backbone of our economy. Many of them invest heavily in research and are highly innovative. We support the innovative strength of German companies by improving their conditions in a targeted way: financing opportunities for investments in research and development are being expanded, the protection of intellectual property is being improved, and innovation-oriented procurement is being promoted. Evaluating strategies To ensure that the High-Tech Strategy continues to improve, the Federal Government is being advised by the Expert Commission on Research and Innovation (EFI) and the Industry-Science Research Alliance. This has the aim of ensuring that there is reliable and independent impact research and supporting scientific research. Research is the key to innovation, and innovation is the driver of growth and prosperity. Germany is in an excellent position, because science, research and innovation have been given greater priority in recent years. At the same time, however, we are facing great challenges. If we want to compete in the global race for talents and for technology and market leadership, we need to embrace the spirit of research and entrepreneurship. The Federal Government launched the High-Tech Strategy for Germany in August 2006 to encourage the development of new products and innovative services.

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Field of research:

Climate protection, resource protection, energy

Sub-fields of research:

Environmental technologies: Sustainable management as an innovation driver

Efficient, state-of-the art energy technologies based on research and innovation

Global food security, climate protection and resource efficiency through research and innovation

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