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The web site www.fisaonline.de, called FISA, has a service navigation on the upper right. Here you have the possibility to change the language between German and English. The service navigation then contains an RSS feed, a table of contents, and an explanation of what FISA is. The contact possibilities can always be found at the bottom of the website. In addition, you will find the menu items "Legal information" and "Data privacy".

On the other pages of FISA is a breadcrumb navigation below the main navigation. Below on the left is a search box for the general search and various special fields of the extended search. In the right part is the respective content.

Pages with a lot of content have a section overview at the top and each page has a button at the bottom right in the currently visible area, which allows you to jump to the top of the page. Pages with many search results are subdivided into several pages, which are numbered.


The search allows a search in any category of FISA database. Using the Advanced Search you can adjust further criteria for projects or institutions, for example location, duration or subject area.

Definition of subject areas

"Special animal species" includes sheep, goat, poultry, horse, rabbit, fish, fallow deer and further species that are not covered by the other subject areas. Research projects about bee keeping are listed separately.

"Specialised crops" includes: Hop, tobacco farming, spice farming, medicinal plants and further species that are not covered by the other subject areas. Arboriculture, horticulture (including ornamental plants), vegetable gardening and viticulture are listed separately. They are not part of the area specialised crop.

Representation of Research Institutions

The structure of more complex institutions such as universities or Federal Research Institutes is displayed in a simplified way. A sub-institution or subordinated institution (like a chair, institute, department, faculty) is only associated with its parent institution. A multi-level hierarchy is not displayed. Thus, reorganisations or change of names can be displayed more easily. If you would like to update information about an institution we would be delighted to receive your email at info@fisaonline.de.

Advanced Search