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The Muscle Biology and Growth Research Unit investigates basic principles of muscle growth and development and its impact on meat quality as the final product for human nutrition. The regulation of growth and metabolism is elucidated in addition to physiological and structural properties of skeletal muscle. The influences of endogenous and exogenous factors are also considered. Properties of muscle cells may determine meat quality and stress-susceptibility in pigs. Studies concentrate on the mechanisms of intra-cellular calcium transport and the functions of lipids. The research program also aims to accelerate genetic improvements in meat quality through the use of muscle structure characteristics. Growth, differentiation and metabolism of muscle and adipose tissue are analysed in experiments using both farm animals and cell culture systems. Additional studies are conducted to investigate the impact of maternal factors upon the regulation of pre- and postnatal growth in pigs. The quality of meat may also be improved by furthering the knowledge about cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in adipogenesis. In experiments with cattle the nutritional value of beef is to improve by modification of fatty acid composition (increase of n-3 f. a., CLA). The research goals take into account sustainability and animal welfare in housing and feeding systems.

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FBN Research Unit Muscle Biology & Growth
Wilhelm-Stahl-Allee 2
D-18196 Dummerstorf

Phone: +49 38208 68850
Fax: +49 38208 68852
Email: maak(@)fbn-dummerstorf.de

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