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Precision liming in Brandenburg (pH BB)


Production processes

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Production processes

Project code: EIP-Agri-BR-2016-LPLGMLP01
Contract period: 01.01.2016 - 31.12.2018
Budget: 1,820,844 Euro
Purpose of research: Applied research
Keywords: frming practice/activity, farming equipment, plant production and horticulture, fertilisation, soil, product/service

In Brandenburg the majority of agricultural crop land is characterized by reduced yields and soil degradation due to non-satisfying soil pH values. The reasons are manifold for this situation. For example, the soil within a field has a high variability of pH values. As a result, the liming management of agricultural soils in Brandenburg has to be improved and specified. The project includes four different goals: 1) The relevance of the soil pH has to be pointed out to farmers. 2) Soil type, humus content and pH value are the most important parameters for precision farming. These parameters shall be determined in a cost-efficient way and on a small scale with the aid of a sensor-based system which has to be developed. 3) In addition a user-friendly decision support system has to be developed, in order to evaluate mapping data and to derive fertilising recommendations in consideration of the circumstances in Brandenburg. Finally the software shall provide more precise application maps. 4)  Process engineering solutions for the applications of lime will be developed and imparted by training courses.

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