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n modern agriculture, the use of products formed by microbial metabolism via bioengineering processes has become indispensable. However, neither the processes in which microorganisms are applied have been optimised, nor have innovative fields of application yet been fully exploited. Therefore the research approach of the Department of Bioengineering aims to develop new biotechnological methods especially for agriculture. According to international trends in research and development, genetically modified microorganisms will become more important for this purpose. Among traditional areas such as preparation of high-grade feeds, an increased agricultural value can be achieved by technological conversion of renewable raw materials into chemicals and active agents as well as the use of plant biomass and residual substances to obtain biogas. Furthermore, the development of biotechnological approaches for the application of microorgansims in wastewater treatment and cleaning can reduce costs and ecological encumbrances. The optimization of microorgansims for these purposes by genetic modification will be a powerful tool for the future.

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ATB Department 1 Bioengineering
Max-Eyth-Allee 100
D - 14469 Potsdam

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