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Theurapeutic and preventive impact of nutritional lipids on neuronal and cognitive performance in aging, alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia (LIPIDIDIET)


Food and consumer protection

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Food and consumer protection

Project code: 211696
Contract period: 01.08.2008 - 31.07.2013
Budget: 5,900,000 Euro
Purpose of research: Basic research

Major objective: It is our aim to develop a lipid based diet that is able to delay or prevent onset of Alzheimer s disease and related diseases and has a stabilizing effect on cognitive performance in aging. Multiple lines of evidence suggest that there is a large overlap between risk factor of these three diseases. Importantly, there is equally strong evidence that prevention and treatment of these diseases can be efficiently addresses - especially in their first and their priclinical stages - by closely related or identical bio-molecules. Predominantly these molecules appear to belong to the class of lipids which are part of the human diet. However, very often they are consumed in far lesser than recommended amounts. Bearing in mind that all of these diseases have a long pre-clinical phase in which the disease remains undetected specifically designed nutrition may be required for effective prevention or for those who already progressed into the first clinical stage of the disease. Moreover, frequently the within the elderly population pathological changes by two or all of these diseases occur in combination thus targeting only one would be insufficient.

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