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Biopolymers Research - Bio-plastics for recycling of biomass

Collaborative Project

Contract period: 01.07.2009 - 31.05.2014
Budget: 4700000 Euro
Coordinating institution: Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research

So far biopolymers and bio-based natural fiber reinforced plastics are used only in relatively small amounts: Only about one percent of plastics are made from renewable resources. The potential of bioplastics is much larger; technically they can replace virtually all the classical, based on fossil raw plastics. For this change has yet to many of the system screws are turned. This includes inter alia the development of new biopolymers because of their specific functions constitute an adequate substitute for the many uses of today's plastics. At this point, the research network 'Biopolymers - Bioplastics for recycling of biomass' applies. He wants to produce new bioplastics and biomaterials from natural biopolymers such as starch, cellulose and lignin as well as from synthetic biopolymers, which are obtained by fermentation or chemical from renewable resources. Both thermoset and thermoplastic bioplastics and biocomposites are developed. With the value the network also seeks to increasingly utilize residual and secondary flows of agricultural and pulp production

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