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C-IPM: Coordinated Integrated Pest Management in Europe

Collaborative Project

Project code: 618110
Contract period: 01.01.2014 - 31.12.2016
Budget: 1998215 Euro
Coordinating institution: Versailles-Grignon Research Centre

C-IPM will provide an overall picture of ongoing and desired R&D efforts and of the resources available for IPM implementation. It will propose a common research agenda on IPM and on sustainable solutions in the context of minor uses. It will rapidly generate European-level added value by sharing outputs of ongoing national and regional research, and by disseminating R&D methods, experience and expertise. It will create knowledge hubs by linking R&D resources in the field of IPM and minor uses.

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Collaborative Projects

WP1 - Develop a strategic research agenda on IPM in Europe

Leading institution: Versailles-Grignon Research Centre

WP2 - Mapping and analysis of existing research based on future needs

Leading institution: Institute for Strategies and Technology Assessment

WP3 - Mapping and analysis of minor uses problems ad possible IPM solutions

Leading institution: Dutch Food and Product Safety Authority

Research projects

WP4 - Analysis of IPM-related infrastructures and capacities

Leading institution: Aarhus University

WP5 - Develop and fund joint transnational calls

Leading institution: National Institute for Agricultural Research and Experimentation

WP6 - Communication

Leading institution: Danish Centre For Food And Agriculture

WP7 - Management of C-IPM

Leading institution: Versailles-Grignon Research Centre

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