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Population dynamics of rodent hosts of zoonotic disease: interaction of climate, landuse and biodiversity


Climate change

This project contributes to the research aim 'Climate Change'. What are the sub-aims? Take a look:
Climate change

Project code: JKI-GF-08-1210
Contract period: 01.09.2016 - 31.07.2019
Purpose of research: Applied research

This project aims to assess the combined effect of cliamte and land use on population dynamics of rodent species that caryy zoonotic pathogens. It will be studied empirically how small mammal biodiversity, pathogen prevalence, and pathogen composition interact. The work is based on time series of rodent abundance and samples collected in the field. The results will be used in an One-Health approach to support the development of mitigation strategies in human health protection. In addition, findings can benefit the protection of forest trees from rodent damage.

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