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Recognition of Organic Farming in Village Population (OeLaDorf)


Project code: 2815OE002
Contract period: 01.09.2017 - 31.12.2019
Purpose of research: Public relations

As social behaviour is influenced by a wish to reach confirmity with surrounding groups this scientific projekt examines how organic farmers in Germany feel recognized in their village. Furthermore, it will be tested whether there are correlations with the farms or social structure in the region.The project will deal with the question if the appreciation of village neighbours strengthens ideas of developing organic farming, the determination to hold on it under critical circumstances, or if it even correlates with bandwagon effects.
Additionally the farmers will be asked by which social groups or persons they are backed up during business problems. The aim of the project is to draw conclusions if and how organic farming can be supported by regarding social impacts in measures of consulting or political support.
The aim will be reached by a standardized online-survey with german organic farmers as target group. The survey is based on a detailed literature research and a qualitative pre-study. The results of the survey will be validated by an additional qualitative study and will furthermore be discussed with experts from (organic) farming, sociology or social psychology before being published in journals and presented on conferences.

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