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Bleeding pattern and death of slaughter pigs


Food and consumer protection

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Food and consumer protection

Project code: MRI-FL-08-1070 Entbluteverlauf
Contract period: 01.01.2017 - 31.12.2019
Purpose of research: Applied research

In the case of reversible stunning methods, the killing of slaughter pigs is caused by blood withdrawal after the stunning. If the animals are not or only insufficiently bled, sensibility and perception return. Therefore, the verification of sufficient bleeding on each individual animal is an essential requirement for animal welfare-compliant slaughter. In order to proof this, the random blood quantity can be used as parameter making a statement about the probability of the imminent death occurrence, because between the frequency of the reawakening of the animals on the bleeding track and the won random blood quantity (as a percentage of the live weight) shows a clear connection.

The aim of the project is to gain information about the variation in individual bleeding pattern of slaughter pigs dependent on the time after sticking. Systemic causes of variations will be evaluated. These data will form the basis for calculation of that time point, where the collected blood volume allows a save prediction of the deadline for cardiac death of the slaughter pigs. The causes of variation will be evaluated by determination of the influence of the stunning method, genetic origin, sexes of the animals, carcase weight, stress level and various molecular biological and metabolic markers.

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