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Collaborative project: Digital Value Chains for a Sustainable Small-Scale Agriculture. Subproject 1 (DiWenkLa)


Project code: 28DE106A18
Contract period: 02.03.2020 - 01.03.2023
Budget: 1,996,434 Euro
Purpose of research: Experimental development
Keywords: rural development, integrated plant protection, weed, cattle, vegetable production, knowledge transfer, networking, sustainability, crop production, horses, digital world

Small-structured agricultural enterprises are at risk being further left behind due to economies of scale resulting from technological progress in the context of an increasing digitalization in agriculture. This could accelerate structural change. Regions with insufficiently established information and telecommunications structures, such as the Black Forest, may be particularly affected. But, even regions with best possible IT structures, such as the Stuttgart metropolitan region, have with increasing digitalization strong potential disadvantages due to their small-scale agriculture. Inadequate digital self-determination, scale dependent capital cost disadvantages or even suboptimal training opportunities tailored to the needs of small structures increase the probability of a 'digital drift'. Against this background, the joint project 'DiWenkLa' (Digital Value Chains for a Sustainable Small-Scale Agriculture) aims to integrate such regions with small structured farms into a more digitized concept of value chains in order to obtain value-adding and more self-determined access to processing, trade and the end consumer at low cost. The findings should be transferable to other metropolitan regions and low mountain ranges in Germany. Since increases in products and services in the field of agricultural crops (vegetables, wheat and soybeans), the service sector of leisure horses as well as in grassland/cattle farming are expected, various experimental fields will be set up with the support of agricultural farms as well as companies in the upstream and downstream sectors in which digital technologies are to be (further) developed and made accessible to practice. In cooperation with agricultural practice, business partners and the in Baden-Wuerttemberg based state institutions digital technologies from the fields of automation of foreign trade, crop modelling, sustainability, certification, grassland, feed and livestock management as well as drone technology can be tested.

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