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Export potential of meat produced under high animal welfare standards in Germany (ExPoTiWo)


Project code: 28N1800006
Contract period: 01.01.2019 - 28.02.2022
Budget: 510,884 Euro
Purpose of research: Inventory & Assessment
Keywords: animal protection/welfare, husbandry, farming management, farming techniques, competitiveness, farm restructuring, pigs, poultry, meat

The aim of this project is to analyse opportunities for German meat exports produced under significantly improved animal husbandry conditions and thus under increased production costs. Third countries' consumer preferences for imported meat 'made in Germany' produced under higher animal welfare standards will be assessed. Additionally, it will be estimated if consumers in the destination countries are willing to pay a premium for this meat. The project will also investigate to what extent there is already a market differentiation in the importing countries with regard to husbandry standards or whether new market segments might be developed. The project focuses on park and poultry meat, as the discussions about improved animal welfare in Germany are focused on these products. In order to adequately analyse market potentials of animal welfare meat in selected export destinations, the project is divided into four work packages. First, work package WP-1 presents the current state of knowledge. In work package WP-2 expert interviews provide an overview of the meat market in the respective countries which also help to give a first indication of consumer expectations. Based on the outcome of WP-1 and 2 work package 3 qualitatively examines consumer attitudes, preferences and willingness to pay with the help of focus group discussions. Finally, work package 4 comprises the outcome of this project and will indicate and quantify the marf

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