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Collaborative project: Development of a multi-sensor system for the evaluation of the health condition of plants in horticulture including a control system for an automated crop protection agent application based on the analysis of digital imagery and short range photogrammetry - subproject A (PlantSens_II)


Project code: 2818512A18
Contract period: 01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023
Budget: 304,449 Euro
Purpose of research: Applied research
Keywords: resource protection, resource efficiency, monitoring, sensor technology, horticulture, digital world, crop protection, plant health, greenhouse cultivation / protected cultivation

PlantSens II focuses on research about the health condition of plants used in horticulture in respect to upcoming pests and diseases and water supply using methods of short range photogrammetry. The basis for the development of the multiple sensor system PlantSens II will be developed by industrial, applied research. Within the proposed project a hyperspectral camera system in combination with additional VIS- and IR-camera systems will be used for the evaluation of the reflexion of different and narrow spectral bands, carried by a UAV. By evaluating the reflexion of light in different spectral bands the beginning pest and disease infestation might be predicted. An automatic application control device for the crop protection will be another asset of PlantSens II. A detailed and georeferenced mapping of farming areas with regard to plant health and water supply as well as the registration, revision and organisation of spatial data in a geographic information system (GIS) plays an important role. Applied research for the development of a landing platform and an automated recharging unit for the UAV for the exchange of sensors and batteries will be an important objective. Finally, a production and cultivation information and management system will be established. This will enable operators to manage their crop stands semi-automated with the support of the agent based system. With respect to the datatransfer research has to be accomplished to establish a durable and powerfull local wireless network for the PlantSens II-system under consideration of far distances outdoors with limited the availability of WiFi-networks. Newly introduced and fast communication standards like 5G-network will be tested intensely for the purpose of data transfer. Configuration of a multiple sensor system to analyze a potential infestation by pests and diseases. Infestations often result in a change of colour of the leaves due to an effect on chlorophyll content within the plant tissue. Therefo

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