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Collaborative Project: Development of fat-reduced foods using microparticulated plant proteins (MiPro) - subproject C (MiPro)


Project code: 281A603CNZ
Contract period: 01.10.2020 - 30.09.2023
Purpose of research: Applied research
Keywords: nutrients, nutrition, food technology, food engineering, processing, pea, lupin, sensor technology, food processing, prevention, product quality

Excessive fat consumption is one of the main causes of obesity and resulting cardiovascular diseases in Germany, which, in addition to the personal disadvantages, lead to high costs in the health system. However, fat plays a central function for the sensory enjoyment value in many foods, especially with regards to a creamy or smooth mouthfeel. One possibility for fat reduction while maintaining the enjoyment value is the use of protein-based fat substitutes, which allow for a fat-like sensory impression in the food with simultaneous calorie reduction. The overall aim of the project is to make the health benefits of reduced-fat foods available to previously unattained consumer groups. To achieve this goal, novel vegetable fat replacers from lupine and pea will be developed. Microparticulation processes will be used to produce particles in the size range of emulsified fat particles, thus maintaining the creamy mouthfeel of reduced-fat food products. These microparticulated proteins will be formulated in a wide range of appealing low-fat model foods targetting both households as well as the increasingly important out-of-home catering market.

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