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Mikroeconomic analysis of decisions on land use responding to climate change with emphasis on learning under changing risk


Climate change

This project contributes to the research aim 'Climate Change'. What are the sub-aims? Take a look:
Climate change

Project code: 82511545
Contract period: 01.01.2008 - 31.12.2010
Purpose of research: Basic research

The objective of the project is to develop a bio-economic farm model that allows for simulation of farmer’s decisions under the circumstances of climate change. The model will depict the changing land use, which will be triggered by climate change, and it should help to better understand the decisions of farmers. Following a sequential concept of decision making a mathematical programming model will be coupled with a management module that implements decisions on a daily basis. The management module reacts to daily weather variables in a rule-based way and exchanges information with a field scale and crop specific growth model. The results of a one-year simulation are then compared with the values that served as a basis of the development of the original farm plan in the mathematical programming model. The mathematical programming model is based on expected values and their distributions with particular emphasis on variables that depend on weather. From different sources changing expectations on the development of weather and climate risk can be derived. These will serve as a basis for Bayesian and rule based learning processes. The consequences of different learning strategies under changing risk on land use and farm economic success will be simulated.

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  • Agricultural Meteorology
  • Soil science
  • Business administration
  • Climate Change
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