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Development and implementation of methods of strategic planning and strategic advice on the application process in the conversion advice


Project code: 2808OE134
Contract period: 15.09.2010 - 14.01.2012
Budget: 41,103 Euro
Purpose of research: Applied research

This project will be focused on the targeted acquisition of new local organic farms in the company through strategic orientation and decision phase of the changeover. This is an important stimulus for the start conditions and increasing the chances of success in conversion to organic farming will be set. To achieve this, the process of strategic alignment of the establishment, operation planning, the production processing of technical, operational and personal obstacles to the decision for conversion holdings are tested and described. The project follows on seamlessly from the method of operation checks. The changeover-related strategic planning builds on the first strategy discussion dar. This process begun will be further developed and will contribute to developing the companies a successful strategy for the conversion and use the opportunities offered by the environment of the establishment, the different production and the market.

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