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Generation of market incentives for domestic feed production through improved marketing strategies for regional organic animal products


Project code: 2810OE054
Contract period: 01.08.2011 - 31.08.2012
Budget: 68,312 Euro
Purpose of research: Applied research

'In the last years, the German organic animal production has constantly been increased. This growth was accompanied by an increasing demand for organic animal feed which could not be satisfied by the supply of German organic farmers especially with regard to protein feed. To fill this gap between demand and supply, a high amount of protein fodder is imported. In the next years even more organic animal feed will be needed, due to the new EG Regulation 889/2008 which requires 100% organic feed in organic farming hence the year 2012. To enlarge the German feed production, incentives for German farmers are essential, because they have to compete with cheaper imports. The aim of the project is to analyse, if a product differentiation for organic animal products produced with organic feed from the region will offer new market opportunities for German farmers and thus is able to create stronger market incentives for local feed production. To achieve this aim, consumer acceptance and willingness-to-pay for organic animal products produced with regional feed are analysed and marketing recommendations for such produces are derived. A consumer study with 600 organic consumers which are buying and consuming animal products will be conducted. The study includes a choice test and a computer assisted interview to analyse the willingness-to-pay for organic animal products produced with local animal feed. In the choice test the participants will have to choose between different products with different characteristics. The experiment is comparable to a real purchase situation, given that the participants will get real money to buy one of the offered products in the choice sets. Finally, the results of the study will be presented and discussed in a workshop with experts of farmers’ associations and advisors as well as with animal feed producers. Thereby the practicability of the results will be verified and the exchange of information will occur on both sides – practice and science.'

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