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Qualitative and quantitative conditions of meat production with entire male pigs


Project code: 2816800711
Contract period: 01.06.2012 - 31.05.2014
Budget: 343,204 Euro
Purpose of research: Experimental development

The rejection and finally the ban on surgical castration of male piglets without anaesthesia in 2018 led to a tremendous shift in the direction of fattening entire male pigs. But a number of aspects are still unclear and drawbacks for the consumer due to odour aberration must be avoided. Therefore, the aims of this project are the development of necessary basics and advanced options for the classification of boar carcasses, the processing of boar meat, the quality of boar meat and fat as well as processed products, the influence of animal handling at the abattoir on odour aberrations, and additional diagnostic methods for odour components. The topics examined are grouped into six work packages (WP). WP 1: Determination of the carcass value of boars and immunological castrates. WP 2: Calculation of new classification equations for boar carcasses. WP 3: Processing of boar meat for meat products. WP 4: Sensory acceptability of fresh boar meat and boar meat products. WP 5: New approaches to diagnostic methods for boar meat with odour. WP 6: Reduction of odour aberrations by means of animal handling at the abattoir.

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