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Collaborative project: Development of a climate-based prognosis model to predict the risk of Nosema-infection of the honey bee - subproject 1


Project code: 2817101810
Contract period: 01.06.2012 - 31.05.2015
Budget: 102,915 Euro
Purpose of research: Experimental development

Aim of the project is the creation of a model for the correlation of climatic factors with prevalence and virulence data of Nosema spp. infections in German honey bees which shall be used for the prediction of the risk of bees of becoming infected with Nosemosis. The prevalence of Nosema apis and N. ceranae in selected bee hives is monitored over the year, and data from the last decade, provided by the Institute for Bee Research (LIB) will be included. At the University for Applied Sciences Eberswalde, this information will be analyzed with respect to historic weather data of the hive´s locations provided by MeteoGroup Germany, and climatic factors correlating with Nosemosis will be identified.The effects of these factors on Nosema spore viability will be tested in laboratory experiments in vitro. The proposed model shall visualize the actual Nosemosis – risk on an online platform and allow the bee keepers to take precautionary action to prevent the transmission of the disease.

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