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Agricultural measures for water management and their integration into spatial planning - AMEWAM


Production processes

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Production processes

Project code: FAL-LR-02-32
Contract period: 30.06.2005 - 31.07.2006
Purpose of research: Applied research

In all partner areas there have been problems with recent rainfall events giving rise to rapid water runoff from arable fields either directly into residential areas or into river systems that subsequently flood downstream. The levels of runoff have also contributed to soil erosion that reduces agricultural productivity and in some cases brings soil onto roads and into residential areas. 'AMEWAM' aims to tackle these problems through agricultural measures (e.g. mulch seeding) that will 'hold the water up on the land' to limit surface water runoff and erosion and reduce the need of engineering based solutions. Effectiveness and costs of those agricultural measures will be analysed and evaluated. Furthermore, tools like GIS and virtual reality displays will be used to assist in estimating the benefits of applying measures over wider regions, advancing dialogues and communication with farmers and stakeholders and integrating the findings into planning and policy frameworks (e.g. MEKA, an agri-environmental scheme in Baden-Wuerttemberg). An essential aspect is to achieve an active collaboration and a close knowledge transfer with concerned land users and representatives of public authorities, planning authorities and politicians.

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