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Community Supported Agriculture - Development of an Innovative Concept for an Improved Social Acceptance of Modern Livestock Farming (CSA)


Project code: 2817200813
Contract period: 01.03.2015 - 31.12.2018
Budget: 149,788 Euro
Purpose of research: Applied research

The research project aims at an empirical investigation of the proliferation of the concept of 'Community Supported Agriculture' (CSA) and the development of innovative CSA concepts which a) allow the wider society to actively approach agriculture and agricultural production, b) take into consideration agricultural and societal contingency factors in Germany, and c) are suitable for the socially strongly debated field of livestock farming. The project contributes to a socially sustainable livestock farming which is confronted with fewer social conflicts and an improved social environment in rural areas. CSA is presented as an innovative option; there might be a need to support it through adequate (agricultural) politicies. The research is conceptualized as a three year project; it includes five subsequent working packages (WPs). The latter include the following aspects: WP1: Development of a conceptual framework for describing various forms of CSA. WP2: Empirical analysis of CSA WP3: Analysis of the contingency factors of CSA in Germany WP4: Development of concepts for improving the proliferation of CSA in Germany •WP5: Transfer of the results into the wider society and agriculture. The project includes literature analyses, expert interviews and comprehensive qualitative and quantitative empirical studies of consumers and farmers. A detailed description of the work plan can be found in the outline of the project (section 2.3).

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