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Calibration of CT protocols to measure lean meat percentage of pig carcasses


Food and consumer protection

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Food and consumer protection

Project code: MRI-FL-08-1033
Contract period: 01.07.2015 - 31.12.2015
Purpose of research: Basic research

In Ireland, the online devices of abattoirs have to be re-calibrated. For the EU, the use of computed tomography has been proposed, but this requires a CT calibration to measure LMP. Some member states, among them DE, proposed to achieve a unified European standard by a sub-sample from the 120-130 carcass calibration sample, by using 10-20 carcasses also for full coarse tissue dissection. The correspondingly planned Irish calibration trial represents a prototype for such a CT application. Therefore, the MRI decided to participate in this trial with trained dissection technicians to ensure a correct reference dissection. The results of the Irish calibration trial will prove if – as expected – this procedure with a minimized effort of manual dissection allows for a precise calibration of online devices. Also, CT protocols with high or low radiation are to be compared in order to evaluate the potential for optimizing the CT application.

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