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Examples for the production of high-quality functional emulsiontype resp. cooked sausages


Food and consumer protection

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Food and consumer protection

Project code: BFEL-T-02-09203-9187
Contract period: 01.11.2004 - 28.02.2006
Purpose of research: Applied research

The application of a set of functional additives with evident physiological effect was tested with model recipes for emulsiontype resp. cooked sausage products. Investigations were done to the food-physiological revaluation of the fat fraction (= by a cytoprotektive effect resp. reduction of the fat resorption) by the application of so-called Omega 3 fatty acids, Phytosteroles and Stanoles. Newer food-physiological findings are showing, that the intake of the omega fatty acids resp. it's best physiological effect is influenced less by the absolute amount, but rather by the ratio of Omega-3-to Omega 6 fatty acids. So herbal oil mixtures were formulated regarding to a optimum ratio of Omega-3- to Omega-6-acids and added to emulsions in such an amount, so that the recommended daily-intake of 1 g Omega 3 fatty acids was certainly covered by the consumption of 50 gs of sausage. The sensory quality of these oil-supplemented susages did not differ from conventional products. To reach this, the fatty tissues of the recipe must be replaced partially by oil and the meat-fat ratio must be possibly adjusted a little bit too.

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